The Westerly Board of Canvassers operates in accordance with Title 17 of the Rhode Island General Laws and the Westerly Town Charter. The Town Clerk's Office, with assistance from the Board of Canvassers, is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all Town voting records and the administration of all national, state and local elections, as well as any Special Election.

 2022 State Legislative Districts & Voting Precincts Map Click Here                                                                                                                                                        POLLWORKERS NEEDED                                                Please contact the Board of Canvassers office for details

                        11/8/2022 FINAL CANASS click here                                                                                                                                                                       MILITARY/OVERSEAS VOTERS CLICK HERE

                                       WAYS TO VOTE

MAIL BALLOT APPLICATION - VOTE FROM HOME Voting from home is a safe and easy option for those voters who do not want to vote in-person. Voters who completed their mail ballot application and return it by the deadline will have a mail ballot sent to them. Return your voted ballot by mail or Town Hall 24/7 drop-box located on the side drive between the church and Town Hall. Your ballot must be received by 8pm on Election day. Be sure to mail your ballot ahead of time to ensure it is received by 8PM on Election day.

                              VOTE EARLY IN-PERSON                                         

Begins on the 20th day preceding Election day. At Town Hall during regular business hours 8:30am-4:30pm. Set-up like a poll using State voting equipment. Bring a valid photo ID. Early in-person voting ends at 4pm the day before Election day. 

                           VOTE AT POLL ON ELECTION DAY  

 Vote at your poll location on Election day 7am to 8pm. Please contact this office or   Click here  to confirm your poll location, voter registration information, and election day information. Please bring a valid ID                


Click here for more information on How to Run for Office                                     and other Candidate Process information      

                Click here for - VOTER INFORMATION CENTER        Where you can access Election Results, find your poll location,       Vote by mail information, Military/overseas voting info, find elected Officials, candidate information

                 View/Update current Voter Registration                                Complete online using link above for Voter Information Center or Click here to print a Voter Registration form - mail or deposit in Town Hall drop-box located on side drive between church and Town Hall

********************************************************************************** Click here to view the Voting District Map with poll location addresses.   (will be posted after 2022 Redistricting if finalized) 

*********************************************************************************************          STATE & LOCAL PRIOR ELECTION RESULTS   Click Here                                        

Click here PRIOR ELECTION RESULTS 1990 to present – Questions only 

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