Transfer Station and Recycling Facility



Now accepting Christmas Trees at no charge. Wreaths are not included due to metal content


January 18th - MLK Day

COVID19 Plan:

Due to excessive crowding at the Westerly transfer station recently, we will be limiting access to the facility on Saturday’s going forward. There will be someone at the front gate limiting the number of vehicles in the facility at one time. It is recommended that you plan accordingly and/or even avoid Saturday’s, if it is at all possible. As a reminder, all transfer station users are required to wear a mask when exiting your vehicle. Please exercise patience as we are taking these steps in an effort to keep everyone safe. Happy New Year

 Masks must be worn while visiting
Avoid Saturday's whenever possible

Long wait times and large crowds

Please use Credit/Debit Cards Only

* Paint/Fluorescent Light Bulbs/Cooking Oil
Will be available Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Mattresses, Freon Units, Tires  
                                       before dumping

Social Distancing Required!
Recommended: ALL customers wear masks
Please call 401-348-2587, if you have questions