How do I appeal my Assessment?
There are several methods of appealing your assessment. Firstly, if it is a reassessment year, you may appeal directly to the revaluation company and request an explanation of your assessment and discuss any inaccuracies with them. After discussing it with them, you may also appeal to the Town Assessor within the timeframe provided under the Rhode Island General Laws, which starts the day the first quarterly payment is due, and extends ninety (90) days from that day.

The Assessor’s role in this process is to verify that all the data on file is correct. For example, if the field card states that you have two full baths and you only have a bath and a half, then the Assessor will correct that information and your assessment would see a decrease. If all the information is correct, the Assessor may deny your appeal and give you the opportunity to appear before the Board of Assessment Review to state why you still believe that the assessment is still incorrect. You will be given the opportunity to state your case before the board. You will be given a finite amount of time to provide the Board with evidence which support your claims and to answer any questions that the board members may have. The Board will deliberate and you will be notified of their decision by mail.
If you are still aggrieved after receiving the Board's decision, you may file in
Superior Court.

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