Bike Path and Cycling Advisory Commission

Bike Path and Cycling Advisory Commission was established by the Town Council in January 2018 with the purpose to promote cycling throughout the community and to advise the Town Council, Planning Board, Town Manager, Department of Development Services and Department of Public Works on matters pertaining to bike infrastructure and cycling. The Commission is made up of seven (7) full members, one (1) auxiliary member. The auxiliary member serves in the stead of a full member who recuses or is absent from a meeting and, during this time, has the same voting rights, powers and duties as the full member with the exception of any powers and duties the full member has as an officer of the Commission (if applicable). Offices of the Commission include the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary

Minutes and Agendas:

Minutes and Agendas are posted on the Open Meetings page on the Rhode Island Secretary of State's website - Click here to view