Gaining Knowledge Award

The competition for talented and skilled individuals is becoming increasingly more difficult as standards continue to be raised and jobs evolve using new technology, techniques and practices.  While the Town does not have a formalized tuition reimbursement program, attainment of higher education is highly encouraged.


The eligibility requirements for the gaining knowledge award are listed below:

  • Employees must have obtained their degree after the launch of the Gaining Knowledge Award.
  • The degree awarded must be from a regionally accredited institution, but includes brick and mortar and online programs.
  • The degree must not be a minimum requirement for the position that employee is currently employed in.  For example, The Tax Collector’s position requires a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • The Town must have not paid for any portion of the employee’s tuition, outside of any formalized tuition reimbursement program (if one is developed).


  • Gaining Knowledge Award Certificate of Recognition
  • $250.00 Chamber Bucks for an Associate’s Degree
  • $750.00 Chamber Bucks for a Bachelor’s Degree
  • $1,500.00 Chamber Bucks for a Master’s/Professional Degree.


Employees will need to complete the Rewards and Recognition Application and submit it to the Human Resources Department for review.  HR will review the submitted paperwork for accuracy and completion and ensure that all the eligibility criteria.  If all eligibility requirements are met, HR will send the form to the Town Manager for final approval.