Emergency Management

Emergency Management develops, organizes, directs and coordinates the town's Emergency Management Program with the goal of saving lives and protecting property by maintaining emergency operational capabilities that mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency or disaster.

Emergency Management is responsible for accomplishing all of the following functions:
(1) Emergency Organization, Planning and Management
(2) Direction, Control and Warning
(3) Population Protection
(4) Training and Exercises

Hurricane Information

The map provided below outlines hurricane evacuation routes and information as provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dated June 2013.

Westerly Hurricane Evacuation MapClick below for the hurricane evacuation form:

Hurricane Evacuation Form


CODERED is a Community Notification System used by the Town of Westerly to keep citizens informed. General Alerts, Critical Community Alerts, Weather Warning notifications . . . Enrollment is free.

Sign up for CODE RED online.
CODE RED Weather Warning

Community Emergency Response Team

Registrations now being accepted for the February 2020 CERT Training Class enrolling now! Click here to submit an online registration..
Westerly CERT Community Emergency Response Team

Hurricane / Emergency Flooding

In the event of a Hurricane or Emergency Flooding Incident along the shoreline, below are links to aerial maps of planned road closures and access points.

Most evacuations are voluntary evacuations which means that it is your choice to move from an area of danger to an area of safety, however, it is strongly encouraged from local officials to evacuate when you receive this notice.  A mandatory evacuation is when local and state officials are putting the maximum emphasis on the importance of evacuation.  Local officials do not take the decision to issue an evacuation order lightly, and if there is a voluntary or mandatory evacuation it is extremely important that you leave to go to a safe place.  If you decide to stay during an evacuation, emergency personnel may not be able to help you should you change your mind.

Emergency Shelter

The Town's Emergency Shelter is located at the Westerly Senior Center, 39 State St, Westerly.

Animal Sheltering

The Town's Animal Shelter is located at the Westerly Animal Shelter, 33 Larry Hirsch Lane, Westerly.

Maps of Beach Access Points / Road Closures