Erika Lebling

Leadership Team
Title: Director of the Animal Shelter

Erik Lebling currently serves as the Director of the Animal Shelter.

Erika has previously worked for Mystic Aquarium as a Senior Animal Trainer.  She was responsible organizing the team’s daily tasks and goals to benefit the mental and physical health of the pinniped and cetacean collection.  She was also responsible for leading the merger of two individual teams into one cohesive and highly functional team and streamlined record keeping processes to minimize redundancy.  Prior to working at Mystic Aquarium, Erika worked for the Georgia Aquarium, where she was primarily responsible for the daily health and wellbeing of beluga whales and harbor seals.  She also worked closely with the aquarium’s public relations team using a unique understanding of animal behavior in order to collaborate on various media projects directly involving the collection animals.  Erika is also currently the co-owner of Wakin’ Up Waggin’ where she is responsible for organizing budget and inventory records, managing payroll, and creating marketing initiatives, including utilizing social media.  Erika has a Bachelor’s in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Baylor University. 

As the Director of the Animal Shelter, Ms. Lebling is responsible for directing and managing the day-to-day operations of the municipal animal shelter.


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