Police Department


60 Airport Road
Westerly, RI 02891


Name Title Email Phone
Lacey, Shawn Police Chief 401-348-6101
Johnson, Steven Police Captain 401-348-6102
Carreiro, Michael Police Lieutenant 401-348-6103
Crockford, Wayne Police Lieutenant 401-348-6104
Campbell, James Police Lieutenant 401-348-6105
Champlin, Raymond Day Shift Sergeant 401-348-6154
Gingerella, Paul Patrol Sergeant 401-348-6165
Riley, John Detective Sergeant 401-348-6143
Rathgaber, Shawn Patrol Sergeant 401-348-6168
Toscano, David Patrol Sergeant 401-348-6174
Johnson, Marshall Patrol Sergeant 401-348-6176
Garafola, Michael Corporal 401-348-6145
Silvestri, Larry Corporal 401-348-6144
Giguere, Jedidiah Corporal 401-596-2022
Turano, David Detective 401-348-6113
Gervasini, Dana Detective 401-348-6163
Page, Ryan Detective 401-348-6171
Greene, Robert Detective 401-348-6147
Alicchio, Anthony Juvenile Officer 401-348-6146
Fiore, Christian Patrol Officer 401-348-6150
Brancato, Frank School Resource Officer 401-348-6151
Manfredi, Timothy Patrol Officer 401-348-6152
Effman, August Patrol Officer 401-348-6160
Hayden, Matthew Patrol Officer 401-348-6161
Mills, Howard Patrol Officer 401-348-6170
Barna, Greg Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
Bruno, Brian Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
Mouradjian, Nicholas Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
John, Matthew Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
Burbank, Amanda Patrol Officer 401-348-6185
Leddy, Jonathan Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
Nichols, Travis Patrol Officer 401-348-6184
Ruisi, Alison Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
Waterman, Dean Patrol Officer 401-596-2022
Burbank, Gregory Patrol Officer 401-348-6187
Griffin, Christopher Patrol Officer 401-348-6188
Cieciorka, Timothy Patrol Officer 401-348-6189
Gouvin, Michael Patrol Officer 401-348-6190
Ruisi, Patrick Patrol Officer 401-348-6291
Peterson, Desiree Patrol Officer 401-348-6298
Mourato, Richie Patrol Officer 401-348-6293
Bostek, Colby Patrol Officer 401-348-6294
Bressette, Kainen Patrol Officer 401-348-6295
Spinella, David Patrol Officer 401-348-6296
Iacoi, Andrew Patrol Officer 401-348-6297
DeOliveira, David Patrol Officer 401-348-6298
Keena, Drena Administrative Assistant 401-348-6192
Algiere, Linda Office Assistant 401-348-6111
Steadman, James Clerk/Dispatcher II   401-596-2022
Greber, Karen Clerk/Dispatcher II   401-596-2022
Laplante, Jace Clerk/Dispatcher II   401-596-2022
Riley, Jean Clerk/Dispatcher II   401-596-2022
Zonfrilli, Ashley Clerk/Dispatcher II   401-596-2022
Allen, Roger Clerk/Dispatcher II   401-596-2022
Collin, Shaun IT System Administrator 401-348-6132
Rayner-Russell, Kimberlie Assistant Harbor Master 401-714-4114

Animal Control 

33 Larry Hirsch Ln
Westerly, RI 02891



Name Title Email Phone
Smith, Arthur Director of the Animal Shelter 401-348-2558
Zakowski, Jessica Animal Control Officer