Short-term Rental Registration

§145-25.  Residential Zone Short-term Rental Registration
(Approved 10/18/2021)

Residential Zone Short-term Rental is defined as the offering of occupancy or use of all or portions of a premises, including but not limited to a dwelling unit or any portion thereof, within a residential zone by anyone other than the owner for a fee for a period of fewer than 28 consecutive calendar days.

 Annual Registration is required for Residential Zone Short-term Rental . Property owners wishing to use their property as a Residential Zone Short-term Rental must annually register each property as a Residential Zone Short-term Rental with the Town of Westerly. The registration process shall be through a web portal available at Click Here - ViewPoint Cloud 

To view the Short-term Rental Ordinance please go to  http://WesterlyRI.Gov/STR

Applicable Ordinances - Information Package

145-25 - Residential Zone Short-term Rental Registration

Chapter 162 - Littering

Chapter 171 - Noise

260-77 - Off-street parking regulations

Chapter 182 - Peace and Good Order

Chapter 217 - Solid Waste

Online Registration Application

To apply online for a short -term registration go to:

Click Here - ViewPoint Cloud 

Select the button for Short-term Rental Registration