Airport Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Airport Advisory Committee is to report to and advise the Town Council, from time to time, of any proposed changes or modifications of the operations of the Westerly State Airport from it's existing conditions, and to foster open communication between the Management and the Westerly Airport, the Town of Westerly and its citizens.

The committee consists 9 Voting Members; Each term commences on Jan. 1; 1st terms are staggered; 2 members appointed for 5 year terms; 2 members appointed for 4 year terms; 2 members appointed for 3 year terms; two members appointed for 2 year terms; one member appointed for 1 year term; thereafter appointments shall be for 5 years; Members consist of: 5 citizens (must be residents); 1 commercial pilot; 1 pilot from pilot's association; 1 councilor; the Airport Manager

Created by Town Council Ordinance Ch. 1891.   Click here for view the ordinance