Private Detail Request

All requests for private detail officers MUST be made via a fax to the Westerly Police Department. The fax should be on company letterhead. The fax must contain the following information:  

  • The name of the company and a point of contact who will be available on a consistent basis. Telephone number(s) for the point of contact, including office and cellular telephone(s).
  • Billing information is to include the name, address, and telephone numbers (office, cellular, and fax) for the person(s) or corporation(s) responsible for the bill. Also include a public bid number if applicable.
  • The number of Police Officers needed. Indicate whether or not marked Police Cars are needed. (NOTE: For safety reasons i.e. poor weather, lighting  conditions, traffic volume, etc., marked Police cars might become a mandated  item.)
  •  Specific start and finish times for the job, as well as the location(s).

We realize that there are certain circumstances that are beyond anyone's control. We do  ask that any request for Police Officers are made at least 48 hours prior to the date and  time that the officer(s) are needed. Last minute requests and requests made on the day of  the job are very difficult to fill and are not guaranteed.  

First time vendors, may be required to set up a payment account, and vendors with prior payment issues may be denied a detail request or prevented from working.

Click Here to Fill Out the Private Detail Request Form