Disease Management Programs

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Disease Management Programs

BCBSRI offers Disease Management Programs for Asthma and Diabetes to our employees.  Interventions are delivered via a combination of mailings and telephonic support focusing on closing gaps in care, improving medication compliance, and providing education and support.  Central to these initiatives are efforts to collaborate with and engage the member's physician.  This collective and collaborative effort empowers members with chronic conditions to live normal, healthy lives, with the confidence to effectively self-manage their disease.

Interventions Include:

  • Monthly mailing to members newly identified with Asthma or Diabetes introducing the program.
  • Quarterly educational mailings to all identified Asthmatics and Diabetics.
  • Quarterly gaps-in-care reminders to diabetics who may be non-compliant with recommended tests and screenings.
  • Telephonic self-management support provided by a Registered Nurse or Registered Dietitian.

The goal of the Disease Management Program is to decrease condition-related morbidity and associated medical costs by improving the member's ability to comply with self-monitoring activities and make positive lifestyle changes.  In addition, BCBSRI adopts national recognized clinical guidelines which is supplied to providers.

For additional information regarding the BCBSRI Disease Management Program, please call 401-459-5683.