Performance Management


Since January 1, 2016, Town of Westerly staff have been collecting data on the activities and measures that consume the majority of their time. Report below detail each department’s annual measurement totals and provides highlights on specific items of importance.

Measurement Selection Process

Activity measures were selected with staff input and administration guidance. The primary focus is on those activities that staff dedicate most time and resources to in their department.

In some instances, it is simply “counting widgets,” whereby we are measuring the number of times of an occurrence (e.g. citizen requests for services). Other measures reflect a rate of performance (e.g. average time to respond).

Going Forward

Fiscal Year 2017 is the first year of annual measurements that were tallied by departments. Going forward, departments will continue to measure their activities (what we are doing), as detailed in reports below, as well as performance measures (how do we know are doing a good job), and benchmark measures (are we meeting the standards we are placing on ourselves).

Who is the audience?

The public - Reports below show the amount of activities performed in one budget year and how services are provided with tax dollars that are collected.

Town staff – By reporting the measures included in this report, front-line staff understand the importance of all tasks and how their daily routines contribute to the overall work of and for the Town.

Town management – The measures in this report allow management to see changes in activity year-over-year and react accordingly, through process changes, budgets, and resource allocation.

Performance Reports

Annual Performance Report - FY2017.  Click here to view the report.

Semi-Annual Performance Report - FY2018.  Click here to view the report.