The Human Resources Department is responsible for negotiating compensation as part of labor negotiations, conducting salary surveys, setting compensation, and making compensation recommendations for non-union employees.  

Compensation Philosophy
The Compensation Philosophy of the Town of Westerly is designed to help attract, motivate, and retain top-level talent necessary to deliver sustained high performance to the citizens we serve.  We observe the following principles:

  1. Strive to provide compensation programs that support the strategic goals of Town Council, are competitive with external markets, and are equitable internally.
  2. Balance addressing the need to attract talent from industry, while simultaneously recognizing the public sector municipal government environment we work as when designing its pay practices.
  3. In all instances, for benchmark jobs, information for an assessment of pay competitiveness will be ascertained through reliably published and/or researched compensation data.
  4. Administer compensation programs in a manner that is consistent, fair, and free of discrimination.
  5. If an average salary falls below market averages to the extent that attracting and retaining qualified employees may be jeopardized, the Town will propose action necessary to align the position within the competitive marketplace for implementation in the next fiscal year or sooner, if financially feasible.


Nothing in this compensation philosophy statement should be construed as a required benefit in the event that the Town experiences a decline in revenue growth lower than the projected increase in expenses.  “Revenue” is currently defined as the two largest components of operating revenue: the real property tax base and the projected total personal property tax base.  As with all budget decisions, merit increase, market rate adjustments, and funds for other employee benefits are subject to annual appropriation.

Pay Scales
Below are links to the current pay scales for the Town's various positions.

International Brotherhood of Police Officers

Laborer International Union

Town Salary Payroll
The Town is providing annualized salary for our employees for transparency. 

Annualized Town Salaries