Boards, Committees, Commissions Applications

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The following applications/letter have been received for consideration of appointment to the following boards/committees/commissions:

Note:  Applications are kept on file throughout the term of the current Council.
Board of Canvassers (March Appointment) (No Vacancies)

Application on file:

Licensing Board - Auxiliary Member (March Appointment) (One Vacancy)
(Three-year term, expiring 3/2020)
Conservation Commission - Full Member (July Appointment) (Two Vacancies)
 (Three-year terms, expiring 7/2019)
Conservation Commission - Auxiliary Member (July Appointment) (One Vacancy)
(Three-year term, expiring 7/2020)
Architectural Review Board - Auxiliary Members (July Appointments) (Two Vacancies)
(First and Second Auxiliary Members - Initial appointments made for terms of two and three years)
Westerly Public Parking Commission (April Appointment) (Two Vacancies)
(Fill two unexpired terms, each expiring 4/2018)
Board of Recreation (April Appointment) (No Vacancies)

Application on file:

Zoning Board (June Appointment) (No Vacancies)

Application on file:

Planning Board (August Appointment) (One Vacancy)

Application seeking appointment from Auxiliary Member to Full Member:

Application seeking appointment from:

Public Works Committee - Full Member (August Appointment) (One Vacancy)

No applications on file.

Substance Abuse Task Force (August Appointment) (Five Vacancies)
Youth Representative (One-year term, expiring 8/2018)
Other Substance Abuse Organizations Representative (Fill unexpired term, expiring 8/2021)
Religious Representative (Fill unexpired term, expiring 8/2019)

Civic/Volunteer Group Representative (Six-year term, expiring 8/2023)
General Public Representative (Six-year term, expiring 8/2023)

Received applications seeking appointment from:

Planning Board (August Appointment) (No Vacancies)

Received application from Auxiliary Member seeking appointment to Full Member:

Received application from:

Board of Finance (September Appointment) (No Vacancies)

Applications on file:

Minimum Standards Housing Board of Review (September Appointment)
(Five Vacancies)
Board of Tenants Affairs (November Appointment)
(Four Vacancies)
Coastal Resources Management Council (Westerly Representative) (November Appointment)
(One-Year Term)
South County Community Action Agency (Westerly Representative) (November Appointment)
(One-Year Term)
November Appointment Vacancies:
(Two-Year Terms)

Corder of Wood
Field Driver
Municipal Code of Ethics Commission (HRC Amended 11/8/16) (Three Vacancies)

Received application seeking appointment from:

Municipal Land Trust (December Appointment) (Two Vacancies)

Received application seeking re-appointment from:

Airport Advisory Committee (January appointment) 
(Commercial Pilot - One Vacancy)
(Airport Manager or his/her designee - One Vacancy)

Received application seeking appointment from:

Westerly 350th Anniversary Committee (Ad Hoc)

No applications on file.