Personal Property Information and Forms

2019 Annual Return  

According to the General Laws of Rhode Island, taxable property must be declared to the Assessor between December 31, 2019, and January 31, 2020. If a taxpayer is unable to make such declaration within the prescribed time, they may submit written notice prior to January 31, of their intention to submit declaration by March 15. Failure to file a true and full account within the prescribed time eliminates the right to appeal.

This form is for businesses of all types in the Town of Westerly and for taxpayers who are appealing the assessment of property. The forms will be available in December of the current year. 

Affidavit of Personal Property Status 

The Affidavit of Personal Property Status should be filed by any business owner whose business has either closed or relocated to another Town. It must be filled out completely and Notarized prior to filing with the Assessment Office.