Licensing Board

Second Thursday of every month except November when the meeting is the first Thursday

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Town Licensing Board to consider and decide all licensing matters which were heretofore considered and decided by the Westerly Town Council sitting as a Licensing Board.

The Town Licensing Board shall have all the powers which were heretofore vested in the Town Council sitting as a Licensing Board and any powers which are specifically referred to in the ordinances or elsewhere in the Code as belonging to the Westerly Town Council as it pertains to the granting, denying or suspending of licenses, permits, applications for Town licenses, permits or other matters dealing with the administration of Town licenses or permits, including but not limited to those licenses and permits listed in Chapter 121 of the Code; the power to hold public hearings for the granting of a license; the power to conduct show-cause hearings to determine if a license shall be suspended or revoked; the power to grant licenses subject to conditions approved by the Board.

In addition, the Town Licensing Board shall have all other powers given to it by any ordinance, statute or law that may be passed in the future. Any approvals of applications for licenses or permits which heretofore were required to be made by the Town Council shall be made by the Town Licensing Board in its place.

Rules of Procedure to Govern the Licensing Board of the Town of Westerly - 2023-2024

Conditions of Beverage Licenses and Rules and Regulations to be Observed by All Retail Liquor Licenses

2024 Licensing Board Meeting Schedule

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