Transfer Station and Recycling Facility


​Christmas Tree Disposal
As of February 1, you must stop by scale house PRIOR TO DROP OFF as there is a $2.00 disposal fee for Christmas trees.

The transfer station is accepting real Christmas trees, wreath branches and garland pieces that are loose (ie. not contained in bags or netting or tied together with wire) and free of all trimmings (eg. ornaments, tinsel, lights, wire, etc.)

Westerly Transfer Station Holiday Hours

Monday February 19, 2018

Presidents' Day

There are 5 Areas that you can bring your items to

Area 1
Get information, Purchase Orange Bags, Purchase Recycling Bins, Pay for chargeable items, Weigh in for tipping materials, Questions or concerns, Lost
and found
Area 2
Tires, Propane Tanks, Mattress and box springs, Electronics and Televisions, Motor Vehicle Batteries, Freon Units, Appliances, Scrap Metal
Area 3
Orange Bags, Upholstered Furniture, Residential Solid Waste, Commercial Solid Waste, Commercial Single-Stream Recycling
Area 4
Single-Stream Recyclables, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Plastic Grocery Bags, Cooking Oil, Antifreeze, Waste Motor Oil, Mercury Containing Devices, Household Paints, Clothing Donations
Area 5
Demolition, Brush, Commercial Recycling, Compost, Rubble, Stove Ashes, Sod and Loam

A Message from the Director

Thank you for your interest in familiarizing yourself with our operation. Our staff takes pride in our streamlined and systematic approach of disposing your refuse and recycling. As you browse through our website, we encourage you to read all signage and become familiar with our 27 drop-off locations. Utilize as many as possible to help conserve precious landfill space at our Johnston Landfill and recycle as much as we have provided. Please remember to be conscientious, courteous, and thoughtful of our goals to make Westerly the best it can be. 
Thank you for your support, and feel free to chat with our staff about any of your concerns. After all we are here for you!

Peter Chiaradio
Public Works Superintendent