Municipal Court

The Westerly Municipal Court was established by an act of the Rhode Island General Assembly enacted in 1988. On September 11, 1989 the Westerly Town Council passed an ordinance establishing a Municipal Court for Westerly.


The purpose of the Municipal Court is to hear and determine cases of violations of town Ordinances including Minimum Housing and Zoning. The Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over traffic violations brought by the Westerly Police Department as well as parking tickets.

The Municipal Court is empowered to impose a sentence not to exceed thirty (30) days in jail and to impose fines not to exceed five hundred ($500) dollars, or both.


Judge Leo F. Manfred, II, presides over the Municipal Court every Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Westerly Town Hall. Michele Murphy is the Municipal Court Clerk and Lt. James Campbell represents the Police Department as the Court Officer.

Rules of Decorum for the Westerly Municipal Court

Conduct required of all persons while attending court; unless otherwise permitted by the Judge:

  • Before entering the courtroom all persons shall first ensure that all cell phones, pagers, music players, or other electronic devices as appropriate are turned off or configured in such a manner so as to prevent any interruption of the proceedings before the Court;
  • No wearing of hats and/or headphones in the courtroom;
  • Shorts are not allowed to be worn by any participant of any court proceeding;
  • No person shall loiter or sleep in the courtroom. No making noises, non-verbal gestures or talking by persons unless during the proper participation in a proceeding before the Court;
  • No reading newspapers, magazines, or books in the courtroom at any time, unrelated to proper participation in the case then before the Court;
  • No food and/or beverages allowed in courtroom;
  • No gum chewing in the courtroom